Creating the perfect wedding music playlist


Prelude music is an incredibly effective way to set the mood before a ceremony. Instrumental pieces work best for this stage, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere at the ceremony site, without the added emotional content of vocals.​


The register signing song has a huge impact on the mood of the ceremony. 

The signing song is played in full, as there is usually around five minutes needed to cover all the paperwork and photos, so it's a good time to choose a song that is meaningful to you and your partner.


A huge advantage of having a guitarist for your ceremony music is the versatility of the instrument. Traditional wedding pieces, such as 'Pachelbel's Canon in D' can be performed for your procession, whilst contemporary pieces can be played before or after ceremony. ​

The processional piece is the most important song of the ceremony, as it usually the first time guests will see the bride as she approaches the aisle.

The mood and tempo of this piece will have an impact on the general 'feel' of the ceremony, so it's wise to try and match your choice of song with the mood you envision for the day. ​


Sydney Wedding Guitarists's cocktail set is a mix of classic songwriters and more contemporary artists, all interpreted in his own fingerpicking style with a little harmonica here and there, and a few of his own compositions interspersed throughout.

This style of music is deliberately laid-back so as not to be intrusive of your guests conversations, while providing a relaxing atmosphere and quality entertainment for those who do want to tune in.

Audio examples of Dave's work

The right songs played at the right time can have a magical effect on the proceedings of the day.