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Why Choose a Seasoned Wedding Professional?

People often think about hiring friends, colleagues or inexperienced suppliers to take on some of the professional roles in their wedding - arranging flowers, photographing the wedding or to sing and play music for their ceremony. This might be a cheaper (or even free option) but it could leave you disappointed. Why choose a sessions professional for your wedding? Because there's no substitute for experience.

Planning a wedding can easily become an overwhelming prospect, and the reality for most people is... you don't have many opportunities in life to practice!

Wedding suppliers however, are in the unique position of having a continual stream of opportunities to excel at their field, and the truth is, it takes more than just skill to be a great wedding musician... it takes a wealth of experience, extensive musical knowledge, AND the necessary performing skills to facilitate a seamless ceremony.

Our main artist has been performing professionally for over 20 years. During that time he has played thousands of shows, including hundreds weddings in such diverse locations as barefoot beachside ceremonies, city cathedrals, country estates, wineries, gardens, private residences, and all the major wedding function venues in Sydney.

He is on the preferred-suppliers list for a number of harbourside venues, and works throughout the year as a full-time musician.

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